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Tclenstea (AKA Clea) :icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 1 1
Archangel Blues (Female Anthro Cat)
I would like to welcome your, Ladies and Gentlepets, to our club tonight.
Let me regale you with a tale of my mysterious plight.
I was on my way to this club in the usual way.
My hips and tail moved in tempting sway.
That night I couldn’t help shake a sense of danger.
Around that poorly lit corner was someone obviously new, a total stranger.
The height of this Wight didn’t seem quite right.
I’m sure this shadowy figure would have given anyone a fright.
On cautious approach, I tried to strike up a chat.
Though every fiber of my being said that this cat should scat!
His head made a 360º turn revealing a scowl!
I let out a yowl and quickly threw in the towel!
Rather than fight and bite, I jumped up and practically took flight!
In that line of sight, the streetlight finally revealed its sleight.
Let’s just say, a very confused night owl got pounced on out of spite.
© Dimensionwalker21 2013-2014
:icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 0 0
Mystery Queen? :icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 0 0 Timestalker18 :icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 1 0 DW21's Mystery Assistant? :icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 0 0 Dimensionwalker21 (Kisekae version) :icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 1 3 Full size King Coil (AKA KC = Casey) :icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 0 2
DW21 Fanfiction 1
Name: (still thinking about it) Fond of names starting with v, w, x, y, and z. What about Vince “curb stomping” Jones, Lol! :rofl: No name for now, definitely need a better Japanese-like name. ^^;
Appearance: A brown eyed black male about 5’ 3” with curly hair. Wears the standard soul society uniform with metallic wristbands and ankle bracelets made by Mayuri to repress his spiritual pressure and provide weight training (to strengthen his body from his own spiritual pressure tearing him apart from the inside) while secretly tracking his whereabouts. Time skip: Same bottom but now wears a hoodie with a jersey underneath (clothing may be from the human world). Hoodie sometimes tied to waist and jersey removed to possibly use Shunkō!?! O.o Has the same accessories with tracker destroyed.
Status: He has had many positions due to his unusually high spiritual pressure but, due to his inability to release his sword, never really had a proper number rank. This a ro
:icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 0 3
Tick Tock Crocodile
Some travel this river by copter and some go by steamboat.
For me, there is only one way to float.
Coming my way right down the watery aisle,
Is my mode of travel, the Tick Tock crocodile!
He has a furnace for a belly and screws for teeth,
Two seats on his back, a tail, and a motor underneath.
His only fare is clockwork gear fish.
I think that’s his favorite meal and that he finds it delish.
I stand back and watch as he gives it a good “Crunch, crunch, CRUNCH!”
He lets me climb aboard as if to say, “Thanks a bunch!”
Getting into my usual seat and setting a directional dial.
Away I go, riding off like a boss and a sir in a truly unusual style.
Once I arrive at my destination, I tip my hat, thank him for the trip, and apologize for any trial.
Knowing that I would be back, all he did was crack a smile.
Dimensionwalker21 2013
:icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 0 20
What have you done you foolish woman? What have you done you foolish man?
Didn't you both understand that was the only ban?
You have killed me and left me for dead,
I will become no more than a weed that you both will tread.
However, my legacy won't die as long as the Earth sustains
Within my final fruit, one seed it contains.
I will send this seed to the center of the Earth
Precious metals and jewels are incomparable to its worth.
A tree will grow fruit that could stop all hunger.
It would cure all ailments and make an old body eternally younger.
No fruit in existence has an effect stronger,
A once an easily obtainable gift to humanity, but no longer.
-The Tree of Life
Dimensionwalker21 2013
:icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 4 2
Fella and Llama :icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 2 0
Dimensionwalker21 Character profile 1
The 5' 3" black male represented by my current (prototype) avatar minus the wings and the design of the sword. The armor is about right in design. (One of these days I'll post a proper picture ;P)
Aliases: Doctor (doesn’t have a medical license), Professor (never taught a class), any nicknames he likes (makes him feel important) He doesn’t use a real name to keep his operations untraceable and his identity secret for his and his family’s sake.
When he was 18, he ventured through a portal using a sword manifestation that came out of a dream he had and discovered an immense hospital designed to revive and increase fertility and sex drive. He finds out that it was built in a last ditch effort to save the planet’s dying race whose birth rate declined very suddenly and rapidly leading to their mysterious extinction. He is charged with the foreign race’s revival and with some convincing he reluctantly agrees to help in hopes of learning how to
:icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 0 0
Dimensionwalker21 Origin Story
Dimensionwalker21 Origin Story
Have you ever had a dream that you were sure was real and even after waking up no matter how much you try to convince yourself you couldn’t shake that feeling of foreshadowing events yet to come? I have had several dreams like that. Except, this particular dream proved that instead I was the fictitious character by trying to confine reality to the limits of my own understanding. I’m getting ahead myself so I will start from the beginning. It was a night like any other dream filled night. However, this particular dream was an epic fantasy. Become the hero; gather a team of followers, save the world from destruction, and gain fame, fortune & a harem of beautiful women always at your side. Ok, you might get the harem if you’re lucky…with like a snowball’s chance in the sun. Even better was that it was one of those unexpectedly long dr
:icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 1 4
Christmas Poem 2012
                                                  Jesus' Birthday
So let's set this Christmas record straight.
It's not Santa Claus coming town but Jesus' birth we should celebrate.
Good old Saint Nick serves as symbol and emanates goodwill towards men.
But it's thanks to Jesus being born and dying on the cross that we even have a next gen.
People say Santa gives all the toys and presents anyone could want.
Jesus gave the gifts of everlasting love and mercy which are things people can't flaunt.
Sure, they don't always sparkle or make you popular like the presents that humans can make
However, they will never falter, shatter or leave an empty reality that is cheap and fake.
I'm not saying stop the gift giving and spend the whole day in church.
Instead find people who love, take care of, and are there for you by doing a quick "soul search".
Possibly bake a J
:icondimensionwalker21:Dimensionwalker21 0 0


Mature content
Spacegirl Interrupted! :iconbarbarianbabes:BarbarianBabes 22 11
The Forbidden Jutsu
[Konoha Village bath house]
Hinata came out of the entrance to the springs and made her way to the soothing water. Reaching the edge she looked around, even though no one was there since it was almost the middle of the night, before unwrapping herself from the towel. She always hated herself for being so shy that she couldn't even bathe unless everyone was gone. Hinata reached down and slowly began removing the towel, still looking around incase someone saw her. Hinata looked down at her breasts, though decently sized she still thought they were small and insignificant as she held them. Lowering herself slowly, Hinata let the warm water rush over her body as she sat on a rock while recalling an event that had happened earlier that day.
She had been at the hospital getting some new medicine for her ninja gear and was about to head out the main door when a red faced and panting Sakura came walking, actually more like waddling, in. Sakura was wearing her normal clothes, but it was unzippe
:iconpgirls:pgirls 159 42
Onion Head Compendium
Since I hardly ever use my journal anymore, I'm just gonna leave it as an onion compendium for those who want to use it. I'll keep it updated for any new onion head icons. If it's NSFW then it may or may not be added to the list. Just post any new ones on this journal or on my profile. If you made an onion head plz account and want to be credited for making it, notify me on your message and/or on the plz account. 
Here is a list of of account creators and the plz accounts they made. Note that the avatars are either made by Onion Head creator Ethan Liu or Onion Head fans.
Onion Head plz accounts made by me:
:iconomgwtfbbqplz:omgwtfbbqplz 166 6
Dream Girl Auction final part :iconflamekin2:Flamekin2 187 46 Dream Girl Auction part 25 :iconflamekin2:Flamekin2 151 4 Dream Girl Auction part 22 :iconflamekin2:Flamekin2 172 2 Fyanna vs Korina 18 :iconflamekin2:Flamekin2 31 2 A Show For The Viewers: Fun With The Host :iconncg1120:NCG1120 6 8 A Show For The Viewers: She-Hulked * :iconncg1120:NCG1120 7 0 A Show For The Viewers: En Garde! :iconncg1120:NCG1120 3 3 Fella Journal Skin ~FREE~ :iconthewritingdragon:TheWritingDragon 34 21
Mature content
A Show For The Viewers: Work That Pole * :iconncg1120:NCG1120 8 9
Mature content
Kulap Gets A Makeover: K.O.!~ * :iconncg1120:NCG1120 4 0
A Show For The Viewers: Antho-demon-alien-mutant * :iconncg1120:NCG1120 1 1
Mature content
A Show For The Viewers: So Totally Infectious~! * :iconncg1120:NCG1120 8 7
A Show For The Viewers: Good Work! :iconncg1120:NCG1120 4 9


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Old skin? and incomplete journal

Journal Entry: Sat May 18, 2013, 12:49 PM
My points will be dedicated to getting OCs drawn and paying back my awesome watchers (I have 10 right now :iconsuggehplz:), various point accounts, and maybe some cool people I know. :meow: Experiencing technical difficulties...(Also on partial hiatus do to job training. :iconnewlaplz: Sorry. ^^;)

I will be updating :iconallthethingsplz: I said I would update soon. :rofl:

~Dimensionwalker21 :icondimensionwalker21:

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  • Reading: over my work ^^;
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Creativity beyond space/time
United States
A guy who writes stories as a hobby with no particular genres in mind. He is not confident in his drawing skills so don't expect many well drawn pictures from him. Sorry.

P.S. I do however like the idea of fan art. So if you draw a picture for me I will add it to my favorites. If you do exceptionally well (and meet certain criteria), I may announce it as an official character/background representation of whatever series it was intended for. ;-) P.S.S. I suck at naming characters, so name suggestions are welcomed. Stamps!!! :la: Hopefully, I'll post some more I like. :D (Don't own any of these stamps;).)
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